Food Security & Medical Accessibility

Affordable cold chain technology for storage of agriculture
and healthcare products in locations without power infrastructure.

What's the Gricd Frij?

Frij cold chain technology is designed to be implemented for the main purposes of storage of agriculture and healthcare products in locations without power infrastructure.

Gricd for Healthcare

Cold chain solution for storage and transportation of medical supplies in vicinities without efficient power infrastructure.

Gricd for Agriculture

Prevent post harvest losses through provision of affordable cold chain independent of electrical power infrastructure.

due to the lack of cold chain solutions

1.4 Billion Tonnes of perishable food is lost annually

Gricd Frij for Agriculture

Statistics claims that 1.4 Billion tonnes of food is lost annually due to the lack of cold chain solutions. According to FIIRO, a farmer losses between 40% – 50% of farm produce. This produce loss leads to price hikes, continuous price fluctuations and food scarcity.


85% of farm owners in Nigeria are without access to cold chain solutions. Cooling and refrigeration rely on access to a reliable and affordable source of either electricity or diesel fuel which are often lacking or virtually non-existent in rural parts.


The adoption of frij provides reliable, affordable cold chain solution that preserves perishable items like crop produce, dairy milk or household food, finding purpose across various sectors. In agriculture, this would greatly help in the fight against post harvest losses.



1.5 Million Human Deaths could be prevented annually


Gricd Frij for Healthcare

Cold chain technology is required in the preservation of storage healthcare products, medications and the dissemination of one of the worlds most innovative solutions in healthcare- vaccines.


Unfortunately, as important healthcare is, approximately 19.4 million infants do not receive routine immunization in part  due to inadequate cold chain facility during transportation and storage.


In the same vein, 1.5 million annual deaths could have been prevented if there were adequate cold chain storage facilities. Frij Gricd solution provides an affordable cold chain solution for preservation of vaccines and other healthcare products during their transportation to remote, rural areas.

Our Esteemed Clients

Our clients span across diverse sectors ranging from health to Agriculture. Some notable clients include:

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